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Em - Whole note



This challenge will help you build strong guitar playing foundations. Every guitar player starts off by learning to play the Em chord as a whole note along a 4 beat bar. Use the training video to learn how to play this most basic chord and rhythm. Record yourself playing along with the backing track provided, upload your solution and get feedback from fellow jammmies.


7Minimum votes :

7.00Passing grade :

Record your instrument over provided back-track

Play as in audio example.

Sound quality does not matter.

Example Track

Need help recording ? Go to our How-to record page and find the best approch for you !



Resource File type Size
Example Track
.mp3 1.7MB
Backing Track
.mp3 1.7MB
Notation PDF
.pdf 27.64KB
Notation Guitar pro
.gpx 16.11KB

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