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Oct 2013

We welcome our new Instructor - Henning Pauly !

I am a producer, arranger and recording artist. I live and work in Germany, but spent ten years in the US, first studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston and then working in the studio in Los Angeles. I now own and operate 42studios in Germany.

I have worked with a few very talented people who were featured on my albums, including James LaBrie (Dream Theater), Steve Walsh (Kansas), Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), Michael Sadler (Saga), Mike Keneally (Vai, Zappa), Mark Zonder (Fates Warning), Charlie Dominici (Dream Theater), Sass Jordan, Janis Ian and many others...

I have released a number of albums under different band or project names, here are a few... Frameshift, Roswell Six (A line in the sand), Shadow's Mignon, Psychic for Radio, and several on my own name Henning Pauly.

I also produce a variety of YouTube videos, from Gear reviews to studio tips and behind the scenes footage from studio sessions. Look at my youtube channel :

What I love about playing guitar is that no matter how much you think you know, there is something new to learn every day... so let's get started.

Henning has created a FREE package with 3 exciting challenges for his original tracks. Check it out !

Henning Pauly Intro Package

Henning Pauly - Intro Package

Well, here I am trying to figure out how to introduce myself to all you guitar freaks on JAMMMZ and these are the three challenges I came up with. Two of them are from songs of mine and one is a pedal tone lick which could be start of a really cool pack about pedal tone licks. I hope you have fun with these three, because there are more to come. Rock on!



jairbaptista posted 3 years, 12 months ago.

Very Nice Henning Pauly, Great Solos thanks. Jair B.


GunterWeppler posted 4 years ago.

Yeah, congratz! nice package, looking forward to play the challenges!