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1. twotowah (9.814)
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5. WalterGrimm (9.722)
6. Magnesid (9.702)
7. KSaccer (9.677)
8. vstrom (9.671)
9. Vangelis (9.665)
10. jp_costanzo (9.658)
Dec 2013

"Guitar Power Chords #2" and "Write Your Own Guitar Rock Solo #1" Packages are now available !

Two new packages are now available for all:

Guitar Power Chords #2

Guitar Power Chords #2

We are picking up where the first package left off. In the first challenge we are combining power chords with a few triads, still on 8th notes. From then on we are entering 16th note territory and you will learn the correct movement for you right arm, which will help you to groove and hit those 16th offbeats perfectly. Don't be fooled, even though we are playing a lot of simple power chords, this package is far from easy.

Write Your Own Guitar Rock Solo #1

Write Your Own Guitar Rock Solo #1

Welcome to another great improvisation pack. But don't really see this as improvisations and more like "write your own solo" challenges. All challenges are actual solo passages from the Shadow's Mignon album "In the shadow of the Minion". If you want, you can download the full songs in the download sections of the challenges. So unpack your attitude, play dirty, play gritty and fill there empty measures with all the rock'n'roll you've got !



ASmirnov posted 3 years, 10 months ago.

Cool! You are the best