Best Avg Score Jammmies

1. twotowah (9.814)
2. philrutsch (9.749)
3. nzc (9.744)
4. magnustfredriksson (9.741)
5. WalterGrimm (9.722)
6. Magnesid (9.702)
7. KSaccer (9.677)
8. vstrom (9.671)
9. Vangelis (9.665)
10. jp_costanzo (9.658)

How To Record Your Guitar

We have created several videos explaining how to record your guitar over our backing tracks. Choose the best approch that works for you and watch the video. In addition , we highly recommend that you will watch the Site Tour video which explains everything you need to know about Jammmz.

You can download the Free Android app from Googleplay here : Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder Or just go into your android device and search for "Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder"

You can download this free Iphone/Ipad app from here : Voice Record Pro or search in the Appstore for "Voice Record Pro"

Download Audacity from here : In addition, the video explains how to create an mp3 file which isn't mandatory any more because jammmz accept almost any file format.

Yes its 15 minutes, but watching this video will explain everything you need to know about Jammmz.